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Are you considering the possibility of investing in door replacement in Charlotte? If so, you may wonder exactly which brand of door may be best for your unique home. The answer will likely depend on a variety of factors, including your aesthetic preferences andthe local climate.Read on to find out more about Patio Doors and our specific brands – Lotus and Nirvana.

Patio Doors

Do you need a new door for your patio? If so, you are likely to find a number of available options. You can generally install new patio doors that are lovely, unobtrusive and easy to open and close. For those who would like a home that is extra bright, patio doors with windows may maximize the amount of natural sunlight that is able to enter the house.


If you love the warm, welcoming look of patio doors in Charlotte, Lotus doors might provide an excellent middle ground. You may find that these doors can provideincredible durability and weather resistance.Lotus Patio doors are standard with Low E Glass which not only is great for the environment but will also save you money due to being energy efficient. A Lotus patio door might be a good choice when entertaining in your elegant and classic home.


When seeking door replacement in Charlotte, some homeowners may be primarily interested in Nirvanapatio doors. You can likely find Nirvana patio doors that are available in a variety of colors and textures. Just like the Lotus patio doors, Nirvana patio doors also come equipped with Low E glass. For a truly unique look you have the option of customizing your doors as well – making your home one of a kind.

Options in Door Replacement

If you are searching for a new entry or patio door replacement in Charlotte, there are likely to be a number of available options. Consider sleek and cheery patio doors with built-in windows.

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