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Types Of Replacement Windows For Each Room In Your Home

With the many types of replacement windows in Greensboro, weighing the options and narrowing it down to exactly what you want isn’t always easy. Many homeowners choose to install one window style throughout their entire home and others choose to install a window style that will enhance and complement each room individually. While either of these choices is a great idea, if you decide to go with the latter, you can customize each room of your home with windows that function well in that room and also look amazing.

Living Room

The classic double hung is the iconic choice for living rooms and entryways in Greensboro. They allow in a lot of light, they are beautiful and traditional, and they open easily for ventilation. But double hung are not the only choice that will make your living room an inviting and exceptional room. Sliders and casements can both be a welcomed change in your living room or throughout your entire home. Sliders allow a lot of light in and are a great addition to any room that has a view. They showcase a pretty view because they have a larger unobstructed viewing area than other window styles. Casement windows are a refreshing option for your living room because of the unique way they open up which is similar to French doors. This window style also allows a completely unobstructed view of the outdoors when opened.


The kitchen has its own unique set of needs when you are choosing types of replacement window in Greensboro. You want to be able to open your kitchen windows often for ventilation, especially if you do a lot of cooking. Kitchen windows are often placed above countertops. This will mean that they need to be easy to open because they are not as accessible. Sliders are often recommended for kitchens because they open to allow a lot of fresh air in and also because they are one of the easiest windows to open and close. They have less hardware than other windows making for a simple operation and a long-lasting choice.


For your bathroom, you will want to have windows that serve several purposes. Your bathroom windows will be used for ventilation, to allow some natural light in, and yet, still afford you some privacy. There is a window style that perfectly suits all of these unique needs and that is the awning window. Awning windows are hinged at the top allowing them to be opened slightly while still maintaining your privacy. These windows also have another special feature that allows them to be opened while it is raining while keeping your home inside dry.


Adding a bay window to your bedroom can make it feel bigger and also add character to the room. Bay windows can be customized to allow for part or all of the windows to be opened. You can choose one window style for the sides, and another for the front. Your bay window can give you a cozy reading nook or a secluded breakfast nook.

So whether you choose to install the same types of replacement windows in Greensboro throughout your whole home or you choose to install windows that are customized to one or many rooms in your home, Zen Windows in Greensboro can help you. We believe in a different kind of window buying experience that’s pleasant and simple. Give us a call today to experience it for yourself or go online for a quick and easy five-minute window quote.

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