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Vinyl Windows May Be Your Better Choice
Vinyl Windows May Be Your Better Choice
February 5, 2016
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Advantages of a New Bay Window
February 13, 2016
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Are Vinyl Windows a Good Choice?

It’s time to replace those drafty windows, but you have a few good options. You could go with tried and true traditional wood, but wood isn’t that environmentally friendly and it can warp. Aluminum is recyclable, but is it as durable as the other choices? What about noise reduction? With so many things to consider, you should consult with a great window company in Charlotte when you’re ready to ask in-depth questions. For now, this handy list can help you make a choice.

Vinyl can be a better choice than other materials for several reasons. It’s more cost-effective as far as purchase price and future energy savings as well. Aluminum can let warm air in when it’s hot outside and cozy air out when it’s snowing. Wood windows are gorgeous, but they’re not very efficient when it comes to insulation. A reliable window company in Charlotte will tell you that when you need performance, durability and energy savings, you really need vinyl windows. Here are some more things to consider:

  • Vinyl windows don’t peel, fade or flake. Wood does.
  • You get the appearance and beauty of wood without the high maintenance that comes with it
  • Vinyl is stronger and more durable than other materials
  • Vinyl is better at keeping noise out than aluminum or wood
  • Wood can attract termites. Vinyl does not.
  • Vinyl has excellent resistance to pollutants, corrosion and the elements
  • Vinyl is very low-maintenance and never needs painting, sanding or staining
  • Easy to clean with a damp cloth
  • More environmentally friendly
  • A better insulator than wood or aluminum
  • Less condensation forms on vinyl than wood or aluminum windows
  • Vinyl replacement windows are less expensive than wood
  • You’ll get a wide variety of colors, design options and architectural choices with vinyl

Vinyl windows even come in many textured, opulent wood grain options. They are offered in different stylessuch as cherry, oak and maple. Contact your window company in Charlotte to see these windows up close. They’re a smart investment for your home and your family.

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