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Lower Heating and Cooling Costs With New Windows
Lower Heating and Cooling Costs With New Windows
February 1, 2016
Are Vinyl Windows a Good Choice?
Are Vinyl Windows a Good Choice?
February 9, 2016
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Vinyl Windows May Be Your Better Choice

Today’s homeowner has a wealth of options for home improvements, even when it comes to windows. There are windows designed to improve sound quality, climate control and security. Models are available to fit any aesthetic sensibility. There are also multiple materials from which to choose. While wood has classic appeal and metal offers a high degree of strength, vinyl windows in Charlotte offer a balanced product that combines durability, design flexibility and easy maintenance.

Vinyl’s greatest benefit is its toughness, particularly when compared to its cost. Vinyl is highly resistant to scratches and dings, and is easy to clean with simple soap and water, giving it an advantage over wood. Another advantage vinyl has over wood windows is that it tends to age far better. Compared to aluminum, vinyl’s main benefits are lower weight and better resistance to unattractive changes brought on by the sun and the elements.

With heating and cooling costs steadily rising, any homeowner could benefit from products that help to regulate interior climate. Luckily, vinyl windows in Charlotte also offer excellent energy savings. Most products are multi-pane designs, which sandwich air between panels of glass. This construction allows the windows to exhibit improved resistance to heat transfer when compared to single pane designs.

Vinyl is also inherently better as an insulator, particularly compared to aluminum. Aluminum is an excellent conductor of heat, causing it to increase interior temperatures during warm months and contribute to heat loss in the winter. With vinyl windows, this “radiator effect” is eliminated.

As a manufactured product, vinyl windows are available in a wide range of colors and styles. They can be molded into a variety of shapes and custom-finished to fit many design specifications.

Considering their cost-effectiveness and versatility, vinyl windows in Charlotte could prove to be just the thing for the homeowner who needs low-cost windows that offer style and performance.

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