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Replacement Window Options Greensboro

What’s your window style, Greensboro?

So you know you’re in need of new windows or a home window replacement, and you’ve chosen Zen Windows for your Greensboro window installer. That’s a great start. The next question is what kind of windows?

Window materials, like vinyl or wood, and energy efficient options are important, but here we’re talking specifically about the aesthetics. Zen Windows offers several different window styles as well as additional aesthetic options. Fortunately, there’s really no wrong answer for these choices. It all depends on your home’s style and your preferences.

Window Styles

At Zen Windows, we offer all the major window styles including:

  • Awning or Casement Windows. Considered the most thermally efficient window style, casement windows open outward from the side, through the use of a hand crank. They’re tall and slim, offering splendid views and, when opened, fresh air. Their light, airy nature is perfect for contemporary homes, especially mid-century modern and minimalist designs. However, they shouldn’t be discounted for traditional styles, either. Awning windows are made in a similar style, but are horizontal and smaller. Placing awning windows high on the wall can help to flood natural light down into the room, a process called “daylighting.”
  • Single and double-hung windows. These windows look similar at a distance and are versatile, perfect for both traditional and modern styles in just about any room. They’re both operated by sashes, but with single-hung windows, one sash is fixed while the other functions, and double-hung windows have two operating sashes. Thus, both the top and bottom half of double hung windows can open, whereas only one half opens with single-hung windows. Double-hung windows are among the easiest to clean and generally very easily sealed. There are also sliding windows, which operate almost identically to double-hung windows except that the hinges are horizontal.
  • Picture windows. Picture windows can suit any style, because they come in just about any shape or size. What defines a picture window is not proportions, but the fact that it is fixed. This window can’t be opened, and merely exists to offer outdoor views and natural light. If you’re looking for a low maintenance window simply to add aesthetic to your home, this may be just what you need.
  • Bay, bow, or garden windows. These convex windows are perfect additions to smaller rooms, giving the illusion of more space — as well as extended views and sunlight. Bay and bow windows are perfect for homes with traditional styles, such as Colonial and Victorian. They’re almost identical except that bay windows feature three window panes angled outward, and bow windows feature five panes. You can even place a few cushions in the window sill and create a window seat or reading nook. Garden windows are more angular, a trapezoidal shape jutting outward from the room. These windows, on the other hand, are best for modern styles. They’re generally positioned over the outdoor garden, with a sloped roof that allows for water runoff, but their window sills also make a perfect home for indoor plants.

Other Options

Once you know what window style is best for your home, you can look into other options, such as color and grid customizations. We offer vinyl interior frames in white, beige, and brown, and woodgrain color options ranging from cherry to oak. When it comes to exterior colors, we have even more selections, some earthy browns or neutral grays, others cool blues or warm reds.

Next come grids. Window grids can add character to a plain glass pane. Full grid coverage such as colonial grid patterns give any window a touch of classic elegance. On the other hand, prairie or plaza styles offer more unobstructed views. You can choose grid bars that are either flat or contoured.

Zen Windows Carolina is committed to providing you with windows that are not just efficient and durable, but stylish. Check out all of our window style options to get an idea of what you’d like for your home.

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