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Quality Window and Door Companies in Greensboro

There are certain things we expect when we hire someone to do a remodeling job. We expect that the job will be finished, that it will last for a certain period of time, and that the cost won’t be drastically different from the estimate without a warning and good explanation. Unfortunately, sometimes that’s all homeowners come to expect from window and door companies in Greensboro. You shouldn’t settle for just anyone. Here are just a few things you should expect before working with a window and door company:


Window and door companies are not required by law to be insured, but they should be if you want them to work on your home. Insured contractors protect you from being held liable if damage or accidents happen on the job. Not only should they be insured and have workers compensation, but they should ideally be bonded — meaning they’ve made payments to a surety company for added protection. With an insured and bonded contractor, you can rest with confidence that the job will be done with no stress for you.


Whether this window and door company has been open for 5 years or 50 years, they should have references. You need some evidence of the work they’ve done in the past to give you an idea of what work you can expect from them now. Good reviews are important, and you probably shouldn’t ask for references if they don’t have predominantly good reviews. But if a window and door company is reluctant to offer references or evidence of their past work, you should probably be reluctant to work with them.

Lifetime Warranties

No one wants to have remodeling work done only to have to have the same thing replaced in the next ten years. The stronger the warranty the better, which is why homeowners get excited when they see the term “lifetime warranty.” But that lifetime warranty can sometimes come with conditions. Is it a lifetime warranty on the product, the work, or both? Make sure you know exactly what kind of warranty your window and door company offers.

At Zen Windows, workmanship, product, operation, screens, and glass breakage are all covered — making this a true lifetime warranty. We understand that remodeling projects can be expensive, which is why we go even beyond lifetime warranties and offer financing to ensure your work can be done within your budget.

You should expect the best from your contractor, and with Zen Windows Carolina, you can. Need more information? Contact us for a free quote.

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