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Charlotte Home Window Companies That Offer Online Quotes

Window Companies That Offer Online Window Quotes Are Extraordinarily Rare.

But Here’s Why They Are Better Equipped To Ensure You A Low-Stress Project.

Charlotte home window companies that provide online quotes are about as rare as Big Foot…riding the Loch Ness Monster…toward a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.

Why? Because window companies like to pitch their products in person. It’s easier for them to get you to buy when they’re face to face with you.  As a result, they require you to set an in-home appointment before they will give you a quote.

Admittedly, I’m not much of a “salesman.”At least, not in the traditional sense. I don’t like pressuring people. I don’t like the whole phony discount game a lot of companies play. And—simply put—I don’t like making my customers feel uncomfortable.

This aversion to sales is why I started Zen Windows Carolina. I figured if I—the actual seller of the window—doesn’t like standard window sales process, then you—the buyer—must dislike it twice as much. So when I opened this company, I completely did away with sales appointments all together.

That’s right—at Zen Windows, we don’t force you into a two-hour in-home appointment (aka, a two-hour hard sales pitch). Our quote process is done entirely onlineAfter years in this industry, I’ve determined this is the best way to provide homeowners with a low-stress project.

Since our quote process is so different than other home window companies in Charlotte, some homeowners have questions. These often include…

  • “How do you provide a quote without coming to my home and measuring my windows?
  • “How do you choose the best windows for my specific situation?
  • Are your online window quotes firm and accurate?

Allow me to outline our quote process, so you can get answers to these questions.

Step 1: Fill Out Our Online Quote Page

The Online Quote section of our website is comprised of a high-tech, comprehensive needs-evaluation form. When you fill out the form, it tells us EVERYTHING we need to know.

Despite what windows companies tell you, they don’t actually need to measure your windows or inspect your project area to provide an accurate quote. The only things they need to know are how many windows you need, the kind of windows you need, and any upgrade options. That’s honestly all there is to it.

Once you fill out our Online Quote form, we move to the second step…

Step 2: Brief Follow Up (If Needed)

There are rare instances when we may need a little extra info to provide you with an accurate quote. In this case, we’ll email or call you that same day to get the details we need. This typically takes less than five minutes.

Step 3: You Get A Firm & Accurate Quote In One Business Day

Within one business day of getting the info we need, we’ll email you an ironclad, down-to-the-penny quote on the right windows for your home and budget. We’ll also send you some information about our windows, as well as video demonstrations of them in action.

The price we quote you is good forever. So take your time. Mull things over. And get back to us if and when YOU are comfortable. We’ll be here if you need us!

Additional Details About Our Online Quotes

  • If you choose to move forward, THEN we visit your home to measure your windows. This ensures we have the exact fit when ordering your new windows.
  • You can also get a quote over the phone. It’s essentially the same process as our Online Quotes. The only difference is that you provide us the info over 5- to 10-minute phone conversation. If youd like a quote over the phone, call (877) 572-2988.
  • After we provide you with a quote, we will NOTharass you with relentless follow up. We want you to take the time to make the best decision for your situation. If you have questions at any point, we’re always a phone call or email away.

Thanks for reading. I look forward to speaking with you.


Brian Zimmerman

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