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Why Choose Sliding Glass Patio Doors Over French?

What do you look for in patio doors?

White sliding glass doorFor the most part there are two types of patio doors: French patio doors and sliding glass patio doors. Both offer plenty of light and access to your outdoor space. Both can be an aesthetic focal point to a room. However, people often seem to be under the impression that French doors are chosen for style and sliding glass patio doors are chosen for function. In reality, you can find both style and function for your Greensboro in sliding glass patio doors. Here are a few reasons to choose sliding glass patio doors for your home:


Patio doors are usually found in the living room or some heavily lived in space. Because of this, there’s usually quite a bit of furniture that needs to be strategically placed around these doors. If you have French doors that swing inward, this can make even less space for your furniture. This is one major advantage that sliding glass doors have over French doors. Because they run on a sliding track, sliding glass doors take up no extra space in the room. As long as your furniture doesn’t block off the doorway, you can arrange it however you like.


Storms and strong winds can be a trying time on patio doors. If the wind is too strong on a particular day, your French patio doors may slam open or closed. Again, this can be avoided with the fixed nature of sliding glass doors. Another perk comes in winter time when it snows. Heavy snow can make it difficult to open hinged doors. With sliding glass patio doors, you simply slide open your door from the inside and step out into the snow to make a snowman or snow angels with the family.


Style has long been held as something that French patio doors have over sliding glass patio doors. Some even feel that while sliding glass patio doors are suitable for contemporary homes, French patio doors are the way to go for more classic homes. This is simply not true. With the right customization options, sliding glass patio doors can have as classic a look as any French patio doors. Our Dharma patio doors come with a number of grid options, color choices, and decorative glass options to make sure your sliding glass door fits the style of your home no matter what.

With the right sliding glass door manufacturer, there’s very little reason to want for a French patio door. Interested in sliding glass doors for your home? Contact Zen Windows Carolina today.