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The busy season for window installation contractors in Greensboro is coming to a close…and that could actually be great news for you! While you may have missed the opportunity to have your windows installed in spring or summer, that doesn’t mean you have to wait until next year. In fact, some homeowners prefer fall for their window installations. Although it might be a little off the beaten path, here’s why it could be the perfect season for your window installation project.

Shorter Wait

Spring and summer are seen as the ideal window installation seasons because of the fair weather and sunnier days — but those ideal months come with a long wait. Because so many people are trying to have their windows installed in spring or summer, window contractors are often fully booked for the warmer months. It can be a long wait between the time you schedule your installation and the time it’s actually done. On the other hand, business slows down in the fall, so when you’re ready to schedule, your contractor is likely to have much more availability. Do you have a particular day that works best for you? It’s best to schedule that in the fall.

Just In Time For Energy Savings

One of the main reasons people have new or replacement windows installed is to boost their energy savings. Especially when you invest in an airtight, energy efficient window, you want to be able to see the benefits. Installing these windows in the fall is the perfect time for that. The temperatures are dropping, and soon you’ll need to switch your heating back on. With your energy efficient windows, you’ll be able to notice the difference almost immediately.

And More Savings

As the busy season ends and demand goes down, contractors and manufacturers are often more likely to have sales in order to clear out their inventory and make room for next year’s busy season. The cooler the weather gets, the more likely you are to find better deals and savings that you wouldn’t be able to find during the summer. If you’re on a particularly tight budget, but you need window installation, fall or winter could be the best time of year to have that done.

Fall might not be the most popular time of year to have windows installed, but that only makes it that much easier for you. Want to enjoy the benefits of a window installation in the fall? Contact Zen Windows Carolina today for more information or a free quote.

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