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When it comes time to replace your windows, the time of year you choose to may not be an obvious factor to consider. However, there are preferred seasons for window replacement. In fact, winter is a favorite among window installers.

Seems crazy, right? Who would want to be out in the cold all day installing windows? While it may not seem ideal to customers, there’s a method to the madness. Many people think that you actually can’t have window installation done in the cold weather. However, the winter season is the best time to have new windows installed. While it’s true that installations can’t be done if it gets too cold, North Carolina winters rarely get to that point. As long as the caulking can still work with the temperature, then installing your new windows in the winter is perfectly fine.

Winter Installations Benefit Installers and You

Many window installers even prefer to install windows in the winter versus the warmer months. Installing windows requires workers to move around a lot, keeping them warm. Colder conditions make working outside preferable to sweating under the hot sun during the summer.

Having your new windows installed in the winter is also beneficial to you. Since winter is a slower season for window installers, you could actually save money. Many window installers will discount their services during the winter. You might even get lucky and get a discount on your windows, too.

Besides saving money on the process, replacing your windows in the winter comes with many other benefits. If you replace your old windows at the beginning of winter, you’ll be able to enjoy saving on energy costs all winter long with more energy-efficient windows. Not only will you save on your energy bills, but your home will also be more comfortable throughout the cold winter months. If curb appeal is your concern, replacing your windows in the winter can also boost your home’s style just in time for the holidays. A window installer will be happy to help you choose the right windows for your budget, energy-efficiency goals, and style needs.

If you’re worried about the comfort levels of your home during the installation, don’t worry. Professional window installers take caution to keep your home as comfortable as possible while working efficiently to install your windows. Installers will replace one window at a time in order to minimize heat loss. They’ll also close off the door to the room where the window is being installed so the cold that gets in won’t go through the rest of the home.

Trust Zen Windows North Carolina for Your Window Replacement

There’s really no reason not to have new windows installed for your North Carolina home in the winter. You’ll receive so many benefits when you upgrade your windows in the winter. When you’re ready to get started on your window replacement project, reach out to Zen Windows North Carolina to get your free quote. We’ll be happy to discuss your window replacement needs and go over all your options with you. If you can’t decide on a window, we’ll point you in the right direction to find a window that matches your home’s style and your budget. You can rest assured you’ll receive the best service and results from us. In fact, we care so much about customer satisfaction that you won’t pay a cent until you’re completely satisfied with the results.

Contact Zen Windows North Carolina today to speak with a team member about your window replacement needs or get a free quote online now.

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