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Here Are 5 Reasons Local Companies Can Provide Higher Quality Than National Corporations. 

If you’ve already begun researching patio windows and doors in the Charlotte area, you’ve likely come across numerous ads from national companies.

That’s no accident. Big national companies have big (i.e., HUGE) advertising budgets. It’s hard NOT to notice these ads when they’re plastered all over TV, radio, and the internet. And these ads can be especially difficult to ignore when they have such seemingly attractive offers (“buy 2 windows, get 1 free,” for example).

But here’s an industry secret… one that large national window and door companies would prefer you didn’t know…

Many homeowners who choose a large company to install their patio windows and doors often feel unsatisfied and overcharged after the project. This isn’t actually much of an industry secret—just look at the online reviews of pretty much any national window and door company. You’ll find less-than-stellar feedback almost across the board.

Why? We’ll get to the specifics in a second. First, let’s talk about local window and doors companies. These are the independently-owned businesses without the huge advertising budgets, board of directors, and five different types of Chief Officer. Local window and doors companies often have deep roots in the community. And their smaller scale typically produces a higher quality project in many areas.

If you compare online reviews of independent window and door companies in your area with the reviews of large national companies, you’ll find that homeowners almost ALWAYS provide better feedback for the local company. Here are five reasons why:

  1. An Involved Owner

Have you ever tried speaking with a manager at your cable or phone company? It can be VERY frustrating trying to get someone high up on the “chain of command” on the phone.

It’s the same with national window and door companies. Trying to speak with someone in charge at a national window and door company can be more frustrating than trying to find a needle in a mile-high haystack. Layers of gatekeepers can prevent you from EVER talking to someone in a managerial position. And in the event you DO speak to someone in charge, it’s usually because you had to be firm and demanding on the phone.

Local window and door companies typically don’t have this problem. The owner is much more likely to be involved in your project, and is often easily available if you need him or her. This allows you to get issues resolved efficiently… WITHOUT having to waste time and patience trying to track down the right person.

  1. More Thorough Installation

Since national window and door companies have a huge volume of clients, they try to bang out projects as quickly as possible. This increases the chance of an installation mistake, and leaves the installers less time to perfect their work.

Local patio window and door companies in Charlotte don’t have the same large volume of clients. A quality local company that truly cares about results never bites off more than it can chew. As such, local companies are able to take the time to ensure every detail of the installation is done right the FIRST time.

  1. Better Value

You’ve probably seen advertisements from national companies that showcase “$189 windows” or “buy 2 windows, get 1 free” specials. But these offers are indeed too good to be true.

$189 windows? That SOUNDS like an amazing deal. But companies don’t tell you that this price does NOT include installation and is for the absolute lowest-quality window you can buy. By the time you tack on the features you need for the performance you want, you’re looking more at $800 to $1,200 per window at a national company.

You can usually find windows of similar quality to $800+ windows at national companies for substantially less at local companies. National companies have a lot of overhead. They have to pay commissions to their hundreds of salespeople, cover their gargantuan advertising costs, and ensure they meet their high product markup. 

Local window and door companies generally don’t run crazy “discounts” like the big companies do; instead, they simply offer a fair price on a great product right off the bat. And since local companies have lower overhead, they can usually install superior windows and doors at more competitive prices.

  1. Faster Response Times

National window and door companies often have LONG wait times (sometimes six weeks!) before they will come out to service a warranty issue. Service calls are not profitable—and national companies are all about profit—so these calls get placed on the backburner.

Local companies, however, typically place more emphasis on a great customer experience. Local companies rely more on word of mouth and referrals, so they do everything they can to fix issues as quickly as possible. Not only that, but you’ll find that local companies have employees and owners that simply empathize more with their customers.

  1. Less Sales Pressure

National companies have one focus: making the sale. They’ll try to achieve this by any means necessary—arm twisting, phony discounts, bait-and-switch tactics… you name it. The customer experience doesn’t really matter. National companies are happy as long as they get their money.

Local window and door companies tend to be run and staffed by friendlier, down-to-earth people. Sure, you’ll find local companies that twist your arm until it’s rubbed raw. But you’ll also find companies that prefer to educate you on your options, provide you with a fair quote, and then step back to let you make a decision.

The Bottom Line

Of course, this article contains generalizations of national and local patio window and door companies. Not every single national company is substandard. And not every single local company is high quality. But in our experience—and from what Charlotte homeowners say—the information this article contains rings true pretty much through and through.

Regarding this topic, Zen Windows is a bit of an anomaly. Zen Windows has locations all across the country. Yet each Zen Windows is owned and operated locally. This is actually a win-win situation for our customers—we have the resources of a large company and the personal touch of an independent company. This means you get excellent patio window and doors for a fair price… with truly exceptional customer service.

Visit our Why Choose Us page to see how we’re refreshingly different from other window and door companies in Charlotte. From our Online Quotes to our No-Deposit Policy to our Lifetime Warranties, you’ll discover that we’re the opposite of “business as usual” window and door companies.

Thanks for reading.


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