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Windows are an integral part of any home. They are portals to the outside world, and also allow light to shine in to illuminate the house. They allow you to enjoy the season, while still remaining comfortably in your air conditioned or heated home.Those who move into pre-built homes may not pay much attention to what type of windows their home features, but for those having to choose which type to install, the choice can be daunting.There are three main types of window: wood, vinyl and fiberglass. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages.Here is a brief overview of what to expect from each variety when you are looking to get new windows in Charlotte:

Wood Windows


  • Wood windows are beautiful, and go well with virtually any type of décor. They lend a classic and timeless touch to any house.


  • Wooden windows require a great deal of maintenance, particularly in the oftentimes rainy area of Charlotte. They require painting every few years. This can be expensive.
  • They are more prone to infestation by termites and other pests. When they rot, you have to replace wood AND repaint.
  • This is the most expensive option for window replacement.

Vinyl Windows


  • Vinyl windows are very durable.
  • They do not rot and are not prone to infestation by pests.
  • They require little or no maintenance, and maintain their natural-looking appearance very well (unless you buy low-quality vinyl windows).
  • They are energy-efficient and the price for their installation is reasonable.


  • No immediate disadvantages—vinyl seeks to provide quality over all else.

Fiberglass Windows


  • These windows are strong and very durable, standing up to almost any type of weather.
  • They can look great if properly finished and installed.


  • They areone of the most expensive options.
  • The screws and joints that hold the fiberglass together are subject to wear and tear over time, which could lead to serious issues.
  • Fiberglass windows require a great deal of maintenance when it comes to paint.

While some types of windows clearly have more advantages than others, each kind has its own charm and its own personality. Become familiar with these differences prior to making your choice when looking to get new windows in Charlotte.

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