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Our Premium Quality Doors Are Durable, Energy-Efficient, & Stylish

Homeowners love buying patio doors from us for a simple reason: We are a sliding-door contractor in Charlotte and Greensboro that installs superior quality doors at very reasonable prices.

We have two beautiful sliding patio door lines – Lotus and Nirvana. Both lines are built to be terrifically durable – they will continue to operate smoothly for decade after decade. And these patio doors aren’t just tough, they also have an elegant beauty.

For example, our patio doors have cove-molded sash stiles and rails that are expertly designed to be extremely sturdy while still maintaining a slimmer look. The door panels looks more elegant than “boxy” doors you’ll find elsewhere, and more importantly you get more viewing area through the glass.

Looking for entry doors too? We've got you covered!

Call us (877) 572-2988 in Charlotte or (877) 572-2177 in Greensboro, or contact us online for our door services in North Carolina!

Patio Doors & Energy Efficiency

We’re a new door contractor in Charlotte and Greensboro that insists on energy-efficient patio doors. It is important that you get a patio door with energy-efficient glass – otherwise a tremendous amount of energy will leave through all that glass. Always choose a glass option that significantly reduces heat transfer (which keeps you cooler in the summer) and also reduces heat loss (to keep you more comfortable when it is chilly out). And it is not just about being more comfortable – it also saves you money each month on your energy bill.

The good news is that no matter which Zen sliding patio door you choose, it will be energy efficient – because that’s all we sell. Since we are the premier sliding door contractor in Charlotte and Greensboro, both Lotus and Nirvana sliding patio doors come standard with a technologically advanced, double-insulating Solar Low-E glass system.

This Solar Low-E features double-strength glass, a high-performance Low-E coating, stainless steel Intercept™ spacer system and argon gas. This superior combination is excellent, but you can also choose options that improve the energy efficiency even more.

There are double- or triple-glass configurations and several Low-E coatings and spacer options – you customize it to meet your own budget and energy efficiency needs.

Relax – Zen Makes the Whole Process Easy

We are already well-known for how easy we make the process of window replacement in Charlotte and Greensboro: no sales pressure, great communication, and a “no deposits, you don’t pay anything until you are satisfied” policy.

When it comes to patio doors in Charlotte and Greensboro, it’s no different. We make sure your whole experience is relaxed and stress-free.

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