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Entry Doors for Charlotte & Greensboro, NC Homes

Entry doors should do more than simply look good and add curb appeal to your home. They should be reliably secure and easy to use. Whether you’re looking to upgrade outdated entry doors or it’s time to replace damaged ones, Zen Windows North Carolina has the perfect new doors for your home!

Since 2014, we’ve been offering superior windows and doors to homeowners throughout Charlotte and Greensboro, NC. With decades of experience, we are the experts you can count on for top-of-the-line products, excellent prices, and expert door installation services.

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Benefits of Fiberglass Doors

Fiberglass entry doors have been sweeping the industry. Here are some of the many benefits of these products:

  • Thermal insulation
  • Versatile facade
  • Durable against the elements
  • Low maintenance

Fiberglass doors are made from two exterior fiberglass skins, molded into their shape with a polyurethane core between them. This foam core serves as the perfect thermal insulator when it comes to protecting your home from hot and cold temperatures. All of the door’s materials are moisture-resistant, making fiberglass doors:

  • Impermeable to warping, swelling, and rot
  • Reliable in any weather condition or event
  • Highly secure, durable, and scratch-resistant

Additionally, fiberglass can be molded into almost any shape or pattern, giving you the option to create a custom look that will perfectly match your home’s style!

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Fiberglass Doors vs. Wood Doors

Entry Doors for Charlotte & Greensboro, NC Homes

Traditional wood doors have been a classic go-to when it comes to entryways. While wood doors are generally very durable, they are also susceptible to swelling and warping when weather changes or there’s excess moisture in the air. Regular maintenance and refinishing of your wooden entry doors can help prevent some of this damage while retaining the natural beauty of your wood doors.

Although wood may be popular for historic homes, many contemporary homes are outfitted with fiberglass doors. The versatility of fiberglass is unmatched. Not only are these doors incredibly energy-efficient due to their design, but they can also be faced to mimic almost any pattern or texture. This means you can get the beautiful aesthetic of wood grain pattern without the concern or maintenance!

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Is it time to replace your old, dilapidated front door? Our installation technicians are respectful and value the privacy and sanctity of your home. They will have your new door safely installed and secured in place as efficiently as possible.

At Zen Windows, we’re proud to make it easy to find the perfect replacement entry doors. We don’t believe in the hassle of sales pitches or pushy representatives. Instead, we keep it simple, we offer great prices, and we’re known for our turnkey solutions! The bottom line is that, when you need new entry doors for your Charlotte or Greensboro, NC home, Zen Windows has you covered!

Get your fast, free, zero-hassle quote for new entry doors! Simply contact Zen Windows online now or call (877) 355-7626 in Charlotte or (336) 397-4135 in Greensboro.

Zen Windows North Carolina is fully dedicated to putting you first and providing exceptional, customer-focused service. Our years of experience and unwavering commitment to your complete satisfaction mean that you’ll enjoy a streamlined, prompt installation experience, and outstanding results.

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Entry Doors FAQ

Frequently asked questions we receive include:

Can I fit my door with an electronic lock?

We offer a variety of electronic deadbolt options, or in many cases, we can re-use your existing electronic lock.

My front door lets air in at the top and bottom; will a new door fix that?

A new door will be properly sized to fit your entrance. It will prevent drafts (and that can lower your monthly heating/cooling costs).

I love the look of glass entry doors, but are they energy-efficient?

Glass entry doors add natural light. And on cold winter days, sunlight contributes to warmth! When properly installed, there’s no reason why an entry door with glass or beautiful bevels/etchings should be less energy-efficient. But the U.S. Department of Energy warns you should consider replacing older glass entry doors for energy conservation.

I want a bright entry door, maybe red … or yellow. Do you have many choices?

Fiberglass entry doors are trending, and one of the reasons is the versatility of designs and color options. Our top fiberglass door pick is a rich wood grain. We offer a wide variety of color options to accent your home’s design.

What are the signs that I need a new entry door?

Your entry door is not only a weather barrier: It’s your first line of protection. You want it to keep warm air inside in winter. And you don’t want to “air condition the yard” in summer.

Signs you need an entry door replacement include:

  • Cracks
  • Drafts
  • Moisture
  • Scraping/floor
  • Squeaking
  • Sticking
  • Warps

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