Fiberglass Windows in Charlotte & Greensboro, NC

Choosing the right replacement windows—and the right contractor—can feel intimidating and frustrating, and the process can even make it feel like the whole thing is more trouble than it’s worth. But you can let that stress roll right away because you’ve come to Zen Windows.

We feature peerless fiberglass window options for our clients, and throughout hassle-free and simple quote process, we guarantee you’ll feel at ease and welcomed—not like you’re fighting off buzzards on a sales floor.

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What Are Fiberglass Windows?

Constructed from glass fibers, resins, and reinforcement materials, fiberglass windows are heat treated and pressurized to create the final product. This results in a window that is structurally superior to a low-quality vinyl or a wood window, one that is long-lived, and that carries substantial energy-efficiency benefits over other and similar material types.

The process allows for a high degree of customization as well, meaning fiberglass windows can be crafted and painted into a very diverse range of styles and appearance types, including a look that mimics wood extremely well—with none of the problems that wood carries, like the tendencies to rot or warp.

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Fiberglass Windows FAQs

  • Are fiberglass windows better than vinyl or wood windows? The question of “what material is best” is most effectively approached by looking at what is best for your particular needs and budget. Fiberglass is attractive, strong, and requires minimal maintenance, but the higher-end cost may make it less viable for some, in which case a high-grade vinyl might be better for your project.
  • Are fiberglass windows worth the cost? Provided you aren’t overstretching your budget to purchase them, yes absolutely. Fiberglass windows can last a lifetime and offer very strong insulation, meaning they can assist in minimizing energy costs while also providing excellent value all on their own.
  • How long will fiberglass windows last? A fiberglass window can last 30 or so years on the middle to lower end, while top-class products from a trusted manufacturer can last 50 years, or even longer.

Beechworth—The Best in Fiberglass Replacement Windows

In order to fulfill our promises and mission, we at Zen Windows must offer the absolute best to our clients. In the case of selecting the best fiberglass windows, that means offering a selection from only the best of fiberglass window manufacturers, Beechworth.

Their goals align with ours to a tee—superior materials, simple presentation, and excellence across the board. And so, of course, we’re happy to offer Beechworth fiberglass windows to clients in North Carolina.

Why Choose Zen Windows for Your Replacement Windows in Charlotte & Greensboro?

We know that searching for the right window replacement company can be an absolute grind. The sales tactics, the runarounds, the sheer amount of wasted time. And we also know it shouldn’t be that way at all. At Zen Windows, we’ve made it our mission to offer a simplified process that brings leading results. Quotes take minutes, not hours. We feature easy to understand and informative videos, not money-grabbing showrooms. And we always take every single step necessary to ensure you get the quality you deserve.

In short, at Zen Windows, we’re about superior workmanship and integrity, and we’re about offering a relaxed, comfortable experience to our client.

Are you ready to experience the window replacement process as it should be? Reach out to Zen Windows for your 5-minute quote now!