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Double-Hung Windows in Charlotte & Greensboro

Our Most Popular Replacement Window Option

Want to replace the windows in your home? The classic double-hung window is a great option for homeowners in Charlotte and Greensboro. These windows are made with two grooves on their side jambs, so each of the sashes can slide separately from each other.

Other varieties of this window come with a full window screen to enable them to provide full ventilation from the top or bottom, while some are designed with a half screen that needs to be placed in position.

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What Are Double-Hung Windows?

A double-hung window is often made with its lower sash in front of its upper sash. The sashes can be divided into separate lites through built-in muntins to create an illusion of separate lites, or they may be made with a solid pane of glass.

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Double-Hung Windows vs. Single-Hung Windows

Both single-hung and double-hung windows have an upper and lower sash, so from a distance, the two window styles look the same. For double-hung windows, both sashes in the window frame can move up and down. For single-hung windows, the top sash is fixed in place, but the bottom sash is operable.

Other differences include:

Price: Single-hung windows are typically less expensive than double-hung windows because they have fewer moving parts.

Ventilation: Double-hung windows generally vent better, since you can open both top and bottom sashes. This also helps with fresh air circulation.

Energy savings: Both styles can be similarly efficient. Most of the energy efficiency is due to the type of glass you select. Double- and triple-paned windows are more energy-efficient, especially if you request gas insulation between the panes. Expert installation is also key to window energy efficiency, no matter which type of window you choose.

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Are Double-Hung Windows More Expensive Than Single-Hung?

Double-hung windows are more expensive than single-hung in initial costs. This price pays off, though, because double-hung windows are easier to clean and provide better ventilation since both the top and bottom sashes can be opened.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Do Double-Hung Windows Cost?

Many factors combine to determine the cost of replacement windows, such as size, frame material, and energy efficiency options. The simplest way to find out exactly how much windows will cost for your home is to schedule a free estimate.

Can Double-Hung Windows Save Energy?

For the highest level of energy savings, make sure your windows have double- or triple-pane glass with argon/krypton gas between the panes. The gas increases insulation and, therefore, the energy efficiency of your window. Choose windows with the ENERGY STAR® label, given to the most energy-efficient windows available.

How Do I Clean Double-Hung Windows?

Double-hung windows come with a tilt-in sash, making them easy to clean (without going outdoors and/or getting on a ladder).

Which Material Is Best for Double-Hung Window Frames?

Most windows are wood or vinyl framed. Wood windows have many drawbacks. They can be costly and require serious maintenance to avoid warping or rotting. If this occurs, wood window frames will no longer fit properly and will be difficult to open/close. They’ll then allow air leakage and raise energy costs. The color of wood-framed windows also tends to fade over time due to sun and weather exposure.

Vinyl frames are less expensive than wood and are not affected by rain or moisture. They also come in a variety of fade-resistant colors.

When Should I Upgrade to New Double-Hung Windows?

Consider replacing your existing windows if they’re:

  • Over seven years old (for lower quality windows) and around 15 to 20 years old for high-quality windows.
  • Not energy-efficient. If energy bills are high, you’ll notice a big difference with a new window upgrade.
  • Drafty. If your curtains move when the windows are closed, or you feel drafts on windy days, you could benefit from new windows.

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