If you’re looking for superior-quality patio doors in Gastonia, we’ve got the stress-free process that homeowners love.

How Zen Does Things Differently

Let’s face it: getting a quote from many home improvement companies is a hassle. All you want is a simple price, and instead you find yourself sitting through sales presentations and being subjected to high-pressure sales tactics.

You’ll find these methods used for selling almost any kind of home improvement project, and unfortunately that includes patio door installers in Gastonia.

But there is another way. The Zen Way is to provide you with truly the most relaxed and hassle-free quote process you’ll ever experience.

Here’s how simple it is:

First, we communicate by phone or email. A call typically lasts somewhere around 5 or 10 minutes while we gather some information about your project and your home. Then after we are done gathering info, we’ll put together a quote and email it to you within 1 business day.

You should also know that we stand behind the quote we email you as accurate to the penny – there are no games or hidden fees.

That’s it. It really can be that relaxed to get a quote for patio doors in Gastonia when you call the right company.

You should also know another way we make it easier: we don’t take any money up front. No deposits or payments until the project is completed. It’s our way of promising you it will be done right, because we don’t get paid until it is!

Higher-Quality Patio Doors In Gastonia

Anyone can offer you a dirt-cheap price on an inferior patio door, but how many give you a good price on a superb-quality door? Zen Windows does. We believe in keeping our prices very reasonable on the highest-quality patio doors.

Our patio doors excel in three key areas: attractiveness, energy-efficiency, and durability.

Energy efficiency is especially crucial when it comes to patio doors. Since glass is one of the main ways energy escapes out your home, having the right glass package for your new patio door takes on extra importance. The great thing about choosing Zen Windows for patio doors in Gastonia is that you’ll never have to be concerned about it because every product we install is guaranteed to be energy-efficient.

Not only are these patio doors energy-efficient, but homeowners also love their beauty. We have several lines to choose from, and you can get stylish options and attractive colors. 

There’s one last thing about our patio doors you should know: they come with a true lifetime warranty. When you call for a quote, be sure to ask about the warranty and compare it to any other warranty out there. It’s the best patio door warranty in Gastonia because these doors are so durable.

Ready for a stress-free patio door quote in Gastonia, NC? Contact Us!

“They provided me with a quote same day I contacted them and then another quote same day when I changed my mind about what I wanted.  They were great about getting back to me when I emailed them about questions.  Brian and Scott came out to measure and go over our order and help us make decisions about what would be best. Everyone was friendly and professional including the installation crew. They did a great job and in the time frame they had given us.” — Jennifer C.

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