Casement Windows

What Are Casement Style Windows?

Casement windows have operable side sashes, meaning the windows are hinged at and pivot from the right or left side of the frame. These windows can be operated with a crank or a simple push out, with a casement stay holding the window open.

What Are French Casement Windows?

French casement windows are two casement windows, side by side, that are hinged on each side of the frame and open from the center. When open, there is no post dividing the space, providing an unobstructed view.

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Can Casement Windows Have Screens?

Yes. Casement windows that open outwards can have screens inside of the frames. This means that the screens are more visible and accessible from inside the room.

What is the Difference between Casement & Double Hung Windows?

While casement windows are hinged at and open from the sides of the frame, double hung windows open from the top and bottom of the frame. Some double hung windows operate via sliding one pane up or down over the other pane to open the top or bottom of the window. Others can be pushed out from the top or bottom, with the pane tilting.

How Much Do Casement Windows Cost?

Casement windows come in all types of styles and sizes, from wood and fiberglass varieties to vinyl casement windows and more. Whether you are pricing out new windows online or it’s time for replacement casement windows, simply contact Zen Windows North Carolina for superior service and gorgeous results.

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