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Frequently Asked Questions About Windows

Why do prices for replacement windows vary so much?

Prices for replacement windows vary greatly because companies have different business models and philosophies about selling their replacement windows.

On the bottom end of the scale, you have some Charlotte and Greensboro window companies advertising unrealistically low prices. Often this bottom-of-the-barrel pricing means:

  • All of the costs to you are not being included in the advertising.
  • You could end up with an inferior window that won’t last.
  • They will try to upsell you to significantly more expensive windows.

On the other extreme are the big window companies who invest a ton of resources in large sales forces, bombarding the market with their brand messaging, and putting money into an expensive showroom. All these things increase their costs, but don’t add any real value to the quality of new windows for Charlotte and Greensboro homeowners. The result? Homeowners pay much more for a quality replacement window than is necessary.

We decided to do things differently. We focus on having the highest quality vinyl replacement window and making the process as relaxing as possible for homeowners. All the other fluff – and the associated costs – are cut out. This allows us to offer best-quality windows at reasonable prices.

How do you give an accurate quote without coming to my house?

We are a unique Charlotte and Greensboro window contractor in that we don’t need to come to your home to provide an accurate window quote. Here’s how:

One, we use technology to access online photos of your home, and this will give us a very good idea of the style of the home.

Two, we ask you questions to find out more about your window needs and get a description of your home.

Third, and most importantly, window openings are fairly standard, so we know within a pretty narrow range what our costs will be for replacement windows.

NOTE: It is important to understand that we will custom measure your home before we send the order to the manufacturer – your windows will be customized for your home.

But the fact is this: custom measurement is not really necessary to give you an accurate quote, because we know pretty closely what the price will be. And remember, if we do make a mistake and quote too low, that’s our problem. We almost never have to increase the price once the quote has been agreed to, unless you decide to change the scope of the project (models, quantities, options, etc.)

Who will be installing my windows?

We pride ourselves on having the best window installation in Charlotte and Greensboro. An experienced lead installer will be in charge on site. We don’t use temporary labor pools or untrained workers. Also, all our lead installers are good communicators without language barriers.

How much money do I have to put up before you’ll begin the work?

Zero. We don’t ask for deposits; in fact, we don’t ask for any payment until your window replacement project is done – and done right. This is our way of being totally accountable for the quality and efficiency of our results.

Do your windows come with a warranty?

Of course – every window does. But the key is this: what does the warranty actually cover? We give a real Lifetime Warranty that covers both the product AND our workmanship. This warranty is so good, it even covers glass breakage. This is protection you won’t get from many replacement window contractors in Charlotte and Greensboro.

For more details on our window warranty, please visit our Warranty page.

Will my replacement windows be energy efficient?

Yes – every window we offer is very energy efficient. We won’t sell inferior vinyl windows to Charlotte and Greensboro homeowners because they cost our customers more in the long run in the form of higher energy bills.

Even our most basic windows have a sophisticated, double-insulating Solar LowE glass system. This Solar LowE system incorporates double-strength glass, a high-performance Solar LowE coating, stainless steel Intercept™ spacer system and argon gas.

We do have lots of other options to increase the energy efficiency even more. For example, we have an affordable triple glass configuration, as well as several different Solar LowE coatings and spacer options.

How long will the actual installation of my windows take?

The first priority of our installers is to ensure your windows are installed perfectly and that takes time. In order to minimize the disruption to your schedule, we vary the number of installers based on the size of your project. While there are exceptions, most new window installations take us only about 2 days.

My windows don’t operate very well and they are hard to clean. Will my new replacement windows be any easier?

Yes. If you have lived too long with hard-to-clean or “stuck” windows, get ready to enjoy brand new replacement windows — Charlotte and Greensboro’s best. You’ll be thrilled to have windows that actually operate smoothly and tilt-in for easy cleaning!

Do you offer payment plan options for replacement windows?

Yes. We are happy to offer you a financing plan that fits your monthly budget. Just like everything else, we make this process relaxed and easy. For more details, please visit our Financing page.

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