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Lotus Line of Replacement Windows for Charlotte & Greensboro, NC Homes

Are your aging or damaged windows wasting energy and making your home less comfortable? Are they just an eyesore that you’re ready to update? No matter why you’re in the market for replacement windows, upgrading with our Lotus line of replacement windows can be the perfect solution!

At Zen Windows North Carolina, we have been supplying top-of-the-line Lotus windows and superior installation service throughout Greensboro and Charlotte since 2014. With more than 15 years of industry experience, we’re the team you can count on when it’s time to find the best new windows for your home!

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Lotus Replacement Windows Come with Top-of-the-Line Features

This window line is for those who never settle for anything less than the absolute best. Optimized for energy efficiency and superior performance, Lotus windows offer the latest innovations and advancements in window technology. Enjoy these fabulous features with the Lotus line:

  • Low-profile tilt latches
  • Triple-pane glass
  • Two high-performance low-E coatings
  • Ultra S™ glass system
  • Super Spacer® warm-edge sealing system
  • Double-strength glass

This triple-pane window system features three double-strength glass panes filled with argon gas for extra insulation, as well as two low-E performance coatings to reflect radiant energy. The Super Spacer® warm-edge sealing system is metal-free and limits hot and cold forces around the glass perimeter, reducing internal exposure to temperature change and sun damage.

As you can see, every aspect of this window has been engineered for peak performance. This line will outfit your home with the best in thermal window technology.

Lotus Replacement Windows Are Versatile & Attractive

Home improvement is just as much about design as it is about features and function. Sometimes, however, you are forced to sacrifice style for structure—but not at Zen Windows! 

We offer custom options for all of our lines of windows so that your upgrade will be the enhancement you want to fit your home’s style perfectly. Select from our vast array of shapes, colors, finishes, and sizes, and we will ensure it is the perfect fit for your space.

Lotus replacement windows are available in various styles, including:

Get your free quote for Lotus replacement windows now! Simply contact us online now or call (877) 355-7626 in Charlotte or (336) 397-4135 in Greensboro.

Replacement Window Lines for Charlotte & Greensboro, NC Homes

Our Lotus window line is just one option when you’re shopping for new or replacement windows. Depending on your needs and budget, one of our other window lines may also offer what you’re looking for. Along with Lotus, our other window lines include the:

  • Karma line – This is our base-level line of double-pane windows, with low-E glass coating and an Intercept® warm-edge spacer.
  • Nirvana line – Our better option for a double-pane window, this line has all of the features of the Karma line, with additional features like a heavy-duty vent lock, stainless steel reinforced frames, and foam-filled frames for extra insulation.

Here is more information on our window lines. You can also just contact us for more info and expert help finding the best new windows for your home!

Zen Windows Is Here for You

Is it time for a change? At Zen Windows, we are here to help you get new or replacement windows that will look good and last for years to come!

Get your fast, free, zero-hassle quote for Lotus replacement windows now! Simply contact Zen Windows online now or call (877) 355-7626 in Charlotte or (336) 397-4135 in Greensboro.

Zen Windows North Carolina is fully dedicated to putting you first and providing exceptional, customer-focused service. We offer only the finest window products and provide superb installation services.

Our years of experience and unwavering commitment to your complete satisfaction mean that you’ll enjoy a streamlined, prompt installation experience, and outstanding results. We want you to begin using your new windows right away, so we install your windows efficiently while maintaining our high standards for craftsmanship.

Check out our excellent reviews and our industry awards to see why we’re a leading choice for replacement windows and window installation services in and around Charlotte, Greensboro, and surrounding areas!

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