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Our Product Lines

When you purchase windows and doors through Zen Windows, you don’t have to choose from a preset range of options; you can choose the features you want. Choose your style, your material, your color and finish, your grid style, and most importantly, your window efficiency level.

We offer three levels of windows so you can decide how many features you want, and with our Dharma line of doors, efficiency features come standard.

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Karma Windows

Our entry-level line of high-quality vinyl replacement windows, Karma windows nonetheless offer a wealth of features certain to make them a worthwhile upgrade for your home. These windows feature double-pane low-emissivity glass, meaning they will let in a great view without letting heat pass through.

Of course, good glass alone isn’t enough to make a window efficient or well-built, which is why Karma windows are also built with fusion-welded frames and sashes, weatherproofed with dual-fin weatherstripping, and designed to resist condensation and the problems it can cause.

Nirvana Windows

If you’re interested in going a step up in quality, our Nirvana line introduces several key features to the design seen in the Karma line: Metal reinforcement of the vinyl components, double-strength glass, and foam insulation installed into gaps in the structure make this line more rugged, long-lasting, energy-efficient, and secure.

An elegant beveled exterior adds to the aesthetic beauty — and, of course, Nirvana windows come in an assortment of styles, colors, textures, and hardware options.

Lotus Windows

If you’re looking for our best, Lotus is what you want. Our premium line of high-quality vinyl windows adds a third pane of double-strength glass and an exceptional Ultra S Low-E coating for unparalleled energy efficiency.

This dedication to strength and thermal performance continues throughout the design, with fiberglass reinforcement, spray foam insulation, and features for ease of use like tilt windows for double-hung designs.

Dharma Doors

Looking for a high-end patio door built to the same standards as our windows? The Dharma sliding doors we offer are built to overcome all common complaints about sliding-glass patio doors.

They’re tightly constructed, energy-efficient, and secure against intrusion, and they offer a wealth of customization options for interior and exterior colors, hardware, and more, so they can enhance the look of your home instead of needing to be hidden behind blinds or a curtain.

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