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Round-Top Windows for North Carolina Homes

Having round-top windows installed in your home is a great way to upgrade its overall aesthetic. Round-top windows make an excellent replacement for a number of different styles, and when combined with other windows, they can make a bold yet classy statement in any room. Being highly customizable, these versatile windows make a great addition to any home.

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Types of Round-Top Windows

Round-top windows, also known as arch windows, have a slope at the top and a flat rectangular shape on the bottom. We offer a few different types of round-top windows for you to choose from, including:

  • Fixed arch windows: Meant to allow light to come through, these cannot be opened. Generally used above traditional rectangular windows.
  • Single-hung arch windows: These come with a single operating sash; they typically open from the bottom.
  • Double-hung arch windows: Comes with two operating sashes and can open from the top or bottom, making for better ventilation.
  • Round-top casement windows: Like a traditional casement window, these come with a sash on the side and can be pushed open.
  • Multi-window arch: Achieved by combining two or more sloped arched windows, creating a cohesive round-top appearance.

Mainly installed higher up on wall structures, these windows bring just the right amount of sunlight to shine through. This makes most homeowners opt for fixed round-top windows. 

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Pros & Cons of Round-Top Windows

Due to their many configurations, round-top windows are perhaps the most varied in terms of cost, making it possible to get a round-top window installed in your North Carolina home at an incredibly affordable price.

Depending on the kind of round-top window you choose, you may face minor complications, one of which being maintenance. With fixed windows, cleaning would be far more easily manageable than other round-top window types. Other types, like those installed higher up on walls, can also be difficult to clean. And though fixed round-top windows make for easier maintenance, they do not add ventilation due to being inoperable. However, round-top windows are often paired with operable windows like double-hung or casement options, giving you the best of both worlds.

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