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Slider Windows for North Carolina Homes

There are many different types of windows out there, but none can compare to slider windows. That’s because they are unique in design, and their functionality is unobtrusive. They don’t protrude from the sides of buildings like bay and awning windows do. In fact, they are the solution for homeowners looking to save space and bring natural light inside the home.

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What Are Slider Windows?

Slider windows are an excellent option for conserving space in your home, especially for those with narrow doorways or other tight turning areas. They can fit virtually anywhere in your home or office and are perfect for homeowners who need to optimize space.

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Pros of Slider Windows

Slider windows are pretty simple, making them far more cost-effective than their more complex counterparts. They move side to side instead of up and down, so it saves space and doesn’t cause obstructions anywhere in your home while allowing you to let in as much light as you prefer. Their simple structure also means slider windows require less maintenance and have fewer potential problems than windows with more moving parts. With the Low-E Plus glass system that comes standard with all our windows, your slider windows will effectively block out up to 99% of the sun’s UV rays, which helps to prevent your furniture, carpets, and window treatments from fading.

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Get Your Slider Windows with Zen Windows

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