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When You Choose Zen Windows North Carolina, You’ll Get a Lifetime Warranty

Pay For Them Once, And Then Don’t Worry About Them Ever Again.

This Is What A TRUE Lifetime Warranty Looks Like.

When it comes to window warranties, you often hear claims of “lifetime.” But the problem with the phrase “lifetime warranty” is that window companies in Charlotte and Greensboro mean different things when they say it.

For example, sometimes certain parts of the window are covered for a lifetime and some are not. Or window contractors cover workmanship under some circumstances but not others. Another issue is that many “lifetime” warranties are heavily pro-rated. The percentage that will be paid on any warranty claim keeps being reduced as time goes on.

We’re different. When we say “lifetime warranty,” we mean Lifetime Warranty. When you pay our invoice – after everything is done to your satisfaction – that will be the last time you need to worry about your windows.

  • Defect in workmanship? Covered for as long as you are in your home.
  • Product defect? Yes – covered for a lifetime.
  • Window doesn’t operate properly? Also covered for as long as you are in your home.
  • Glass breakage? Even this is covered – if the glass breaks for any reason, it’s covered (rentals excluded).

Watch These Videos To See Just How Good Our Warranty Is:

Does Our Warranty Have Any Exclusions?

Unlike other window companies in Charlotte and Greensboro, we apply very few exclusions to our warranty. But we are totally transparent and spell out everything very clearly. In fact, we post the actual warranty right here—click here to view a printable copy. When we give you a copy of the warranty, you’ll notice that it fits neatly onto one page.

Compare this to many warranties for new windows in Charlotte and Greensboro that are multiple pages of small print. And if you can even read it, it is often in such legal sounding mumbo-jumbo, it is almost impossible to really know what is covered.

We reject these kind of “gotcha” warranties in favor of total transparency.

Transferable Warranty

If you move, this warranty is fully transferable to the new owner. When it comes time to move, this can be a nice selling point for your house! (And, of course, if you remain in your home, the windows are covered for your lifetime).

How To Get Started

When you choose Zen Windows, you’ll receive excellent service and open communication, so you’ll know what to expect. If this kind of total protection appeals to you, give us a call. Our Process is relaxed and easy. We look forward to speaking with you.

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