Confused By What Material Makes For The Best
Replacement Windows In Charlotte and Greensboro?

Here’s Your Quick Guide:

Let’s face it. With so many window companies making so many claims, shopping for replacement windows in Charlotte or Greensboro gets confusing. Sorting through the different choices can take a lot of time and get pretty frustrating.

We don’t think it has to be that way. Below is some concise information about the most popular choices for new windows in North Carolina. Once you read this, give us a call. We have a relaxed, pressure-free quote process and can answer any additional questions you have.

Wood Windows:

Wood windows are beautiful – there really is no doubt about that. The problem is that is the only argument for wood windows – everything else about them is a negative.

For one, there is lots of maintenance required. Anyone who has wood windows in Charlotte or Greensboro can tell you they need to be painted regularly.

The second problem is that wood windows are more likely to warp, rot, or become infested. Old wood windows over time become hard to open. Wood has a high expansion/contraction rate, so in the summer they swell, making it nearly impossible to open. In the winter they shrink, allowing in cold drafts. If you have them you probably already know that!

Finally, wood windows are one of the most expensive options for replacing windows.

Bottom Line: Wood windows – yes, they are beautiful, but they cost too much. They are also more likely to warp and require lots of maintenance.

Fiberglass Windows:

Fiberglass is a strong material for windows. Also, if properly finished, they look good.

On the “con” side, fiberglass windows are ‘pricey.’ Those that sell fiberglass windows in Charlotte and Greensboro often say that it is “stronger than vinyl.” That is technically true, but the way windows are built, that extra strength really isn’t an advantage. Stronger materials don’t make it any more durable.

Fiberglass windows cannot be fusion-welded, like vinyl windows. Instead they are mechanically fastened together with screws. These joints are not as strong or air/water resistant as fusion-welding, and can breakdown over time.

Also, many fiberglass windows require painting to look properly finished. Over time, this paint can fade and require maintenance.

Bottom Line: Getting fiberglass replacement windows is more expensive than other options of comparable quality. If considering fiberglass as an option, ask what real benefits you get for the extra expense.

Low-Quality Vinyl Windows:

There are lots of vinyl windows available on the market. It can get confusing for homeowners because there are many low quality vinyl options and they often get lumped together with options that are of a much higher quality.

Low-quality vinyl has a “plastic look” that lowers curb appeal. They often have other issues, like lower energy efficiency. Low-quality vinyl is also much more subject to chalking and fading.

Bottom Line: Low-quality vinyl windows cheapen the appearance of homes. They do save money initially, but can cost more over the long haul.

High-Quality Vinyl Windows:

High-quality vinyl windows are the right combination of durable, affordable, and beautiful. One of the reasons vinyl has dominated the window market for so long is this mix of quality and value.

Advantages of high-quality vinyl windows for Charlotte and Greensboro homeowners:

  • Durable
  • No worries about rot, infestation, or moisture damage
  • Very low maintenance – no painting or staining
  • Energy efficient
  • Beautiful, often available in a range of colors
  • Reasonable cost

Bottom Line: High-quality vinyl windows allow the best of all worlds; they look great, operate smoothly, are super low maintenance, are energy efficient, and often come with a lifetime warranty. Look for all these qualities and you’ll be very satisfied with your results.

We’d like to invite you to learn more. Call us and ask us anything.