The Best Options for Window Installation & Replacement in Charlotte & Greensboro

With so many different styles and options available, shopping for new or replacement windows in Charlotte or Greensboro can be overwhelming. To help narrow down your best options here is a helpful window comparison guide. It concisely explains the pros and cons of the most popular types of windows in North Carolina. Whenever you are ready for more answers — or accurate, pressure-free quotes, contact Zen Windows North Carolina. Our window experts are skilled at designing, installing, and replacing all types of custom windows.

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Wood Windows

Pros: Wood windows are beautiful, adding a touch of nature and warmth to the inside and outside of homes.

Cons: Unfortunately, wood windows can come with a number of drawbacks, including that these windows are:

Prone to damage – Wood is susceptible to rotting, insect infestation, and warping.

High-maintenance – At the very least, wood windows need to be painted regularly. Since these windows are damage prone, they can also require frequent repairs.

Less energy-efficient – While wood windows tend to expand in the summer heat, they tend to contract in the winter cold. This can make wood windows more likely to let in cold drafts during the winter, which can raise utility bills.

Pricey – Wood windows are generally one of the most expensive options on the market.

Bottom line: Wood windows can add style, charm, beauty, and warmth, but expect to pay more for this option upfront when you buy them, as well as over the years when it comes to energy bills and maintaining your wood windows.

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Fiberglass Windows

Pros: Fiberglass is a strong material for windows. Also, if properly finished, they look great.

Cons: Fiberglass windows tend to be expensive. Some other disadvantages associated with fiberglass windows include that:

They aren't necessarily more durable – Although fiberglass is a strong material, this strength does not translate into more durable windows. This is mostly due to how these windows are designed and built.

They cannot be fusion-welded (like vinyl windows) – Instead, fiberglass windows are mechanically fastened together with screws. These joints are not as strong, air-resistant, or water-resistant as fusion-welded joints, meaning these joints can more easily break down over time.

They require more maintenance – Many fiberglass windows need to be painted to look properly finished. Over time, this paint can fade and require maintenance.

Bottom line: Fiberglass replacement windows are typically more expensive than other options of comparable quality. If you are considering fiberglass as an option, ask what real benefits you get for the extra expense.

Low-Quality Vinyl Windows

Pros: Low-quality vinyl windows are one of the cheapest options available.

Cons: Low-quality vinyl has a “plastic look” that detracts from curb appeal. Other drawbacks of low-quality vinyl windows include that they are:

• Less energy-efficient

• Prone to damage and wear, like chalking and fading.

Bottom line: Although low-quality vinyl windows can be less expensive upfront, they can cheapen the appearance of homes and cost more in the long run when it comes to energy bills and window maintenance.

High-Quality Vinyl Windows

Pros: High-quality vinyl windows provide a great combination of durability, affordability, and beauty. This mix of quality and value is one of the main reasons why vinyl has dominated the window market for so long.

The specific advantages of high-quality vinyl windows for Charlotte and Greensboro homeowners include:

• Durability

• Good resistance to rot, insect infestation, and moisture damage

• Low-maintenance (with no painting or staining needed)

• Energy efficiency

• Reasonable prices

• Custom color and style options

Cons: The disadvantages of high-quality vinyl windows are fairly minimal. Very slight expansion and contraction with changing weather is typically the only con associated with high-quality vinyl windows.

Bottom line: High-quality vinyl windows offer the best of all worlds — they look great, operate smoothly, require low-maintenance, are energy-efficient, and often come with a lifetime warranty. With all these qualities, high-quality vinyl windows tend to offer amazing results.

Wood vs. Vinyl vs. Fiberglass Windows

When choosing between wood, vinyl, and fiberglass windows, your needs, preferences, and budget will impact what the best choice is for you and your home. The experts at Zen Windows North Carolina can help you make the best selection. Typically, great options for homes in Charlotte, Greensboro, and the surrounding areas will be:

• Wood windows when a warm, natural look outweighs price and maintenance considerations

• Fiberglass windows when you want to invest a certain look and you have a flexible budget

• Vinyl windows when you are looking for affordability, high-quality, durability, and energy efficiency

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